Sunday, 19 August 2012

Let me introduce myself

So I thought my first post should be a brief intro me... I'm Amy, I live in Cheshire in the UK. I have been finishing a degree in Communication part-time whilst living between my childhood home and my boyfriend's house. I have a disability which affects my left leg a which saw me in hospital for surgery 16 times in as many years. Being a young woman with a disability has a complex, confusing, yet ultimately (I think) enriching effect on my identity.

 I LOVE dogs. I like animals of all kinds and have been vegetarian  for about 8 years or so, but I especially love dogs. I have two dogs at my parents' (Lhasa Apsos called Maisie and Lester), two cats (Mickey and Minnie) at my boyfriend's and tropical fish tank that roughly forty fish call home. I have always had pets growing up and my parents have always encouraged me to develop an interest in animals. It worked.

I like to read and hope to write about some of the books I'm reading in this blog. I like to read a lot of fiction and to allow my imagination to wander. I like to read about people and their experiences. I also read a lot of doggy-related material in books, magazines and online.

So far this year I have achieved two out of three of my new year's resolutions- I have lost a stone and gained a 2:1 for my degree. Things aren't going too badly at the moment. I work part time for a gym which is run by my brother and parents and, although I love contributing and being a part of it (I have gained invaluable experience) I am on the look-out for full time work. I want to get a dog of my own in the near(ish!) future, move house with my boyfriend Ben to somewhere with a garden, and one day in the future I want a nice kitchen with granite work tops and a big dining table in  the middle.

These are just some of the things that spring to mind when, feeling sleepy in bed one night, I think about me, in a nut-shell. See what I'm tweeting here .

Thanks for reading if you're down here.